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Version 2.0 Cancelled
Version 2.0 never got out the door. If any current owner of Slot Car Tracker feels cheated, please contact me and I'll make it right. There were the best of intentions, but some of the technical issues I was not able to get by. Also, Clarion came out with a new release, but wanted over $1,000.00 to upgrade so development was "stranded" on the older level. My apologies to any Slot Car Tracker owner who feels wronged by this. Please e-mail me and we'll work something out.

Outgrown The Shoebox?
If you've got more than a few cars then you need Slot Car Tracker to keep track of them!

Bought Your 10th Ford G.T.?
Are you buying cars you already have? Do you forget which cars you really want? Slot Car Tracker to the rescue!

Need Help Remembering Racing Setups?
When you prepare for an important race, do you wish you could see what worked last time? Slot Car Tracker knows!

Are You Ready to Make a Deal?
When you trade for that special car, Slot Car Tracker tells you what you paid for your traders, and what they're worth. Knowing this helps you make a good trade every time!

Enter cars, track and accessories. Slot Car Tracker has space for all of the identifying information for each car including body style, color, number, condition, cost, value and notes.

Keep racing history for all tracks and classes. You can enter notes on each race plus laps and best time in each lane.

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