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Malcolm's HO Home Page - Updated 3 December 2011

HO Slot Car Links

Here are some links to great HO places on the WWW. Enjoy!

Motor Modeling in HO Scale

Introducing a new, exciting, format for viewing these HO cars that several folks have created. Some are modeled for show. Some are painted for racing. All are unique. I hope you enjoy them. - Updated 8 June 2002

My Home Raceway

Visit my home track. - Updated 8 June 2001

Racing Hop-Up Hints

How to make your HO cars race better. Also includes layout construction hints. - Updated 26 March 2000

The items below are only accessible from this page.

Slot Car Tracker

Back in 1998 several slot car enthusiasts have helped me to create a Windows database program for collectors and racers. Not much is currently happening with it, but feel free to check it out. It works great on Windows XP!

Literature of Ed Bianchi

Read or download “A Slot Car Carol.” Link from here to “A Study In Slot Cars.”

A/FX Driver's Manual

Excerpts from the 1972 Aurora A/FX Driver's Manual. Includes several layouts and hints on how to maintain your cars.

TycoPro Service Manual

Excerpts from the 1971 TycoPro Service Manual.

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